Join a 4-hour walking tour in Warsaw and experience how Frederic Chopin's music still resounds in the streets of Warsaw. Follow the steps of this legendary Polish composer and discover places that were most dear to his heart.

This unique music walking tour will take you around Warsaw to follow the steps of Frederic Chopin, the most famous Polish composer. See places connected with Chopin's life: his family home, palaces where he performed his famous concerts and the church were his heart is buried; learn fascinating facts from Chopin's biography.

Chopin's music is famous all around the world. He spent most of his life in Paris but gave concerts all over Europe. Although abroad, Chopin was very devoted the revolutionary movements that took place in Poland in the first half of the 19th century. Chopin, as many other famous artists of the period, died young. He was 39 when he lost his long battle against tuberculosis. His body is buried in France, but Chopin's heart was transported to Poland and buried in Warsaw according to his last will.

See also Chopin's favorite street, hear about his first love and journey to Vienna, Chopin concerts, the Presidential palace and St Cross church. If it's Sunday you will have the chance to listen to modern artists performing Chopin's music in one of the most beautiful parks in Poland ' Lazienki. You can also visit the Chopin Museum (at own expense; open Tue-Sat).

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