Enjoy a bike trip through the streets, squares, and bridges of Warsaw, Vistulan Boulevard. You will get to know the capital of Poland.

This trip leads you to places connected with Warsaw's history, beginning with the Middle Ages and finishing with the modern times. It also allows you to see different faces of the city: the rebuilt Old Town, original proletariat Praga, architecturally ordered pre-war 'oliborz, and also the controversial heritage from the communist times and the favorite places of today's citizens. Have a look on previous multiculturalism of Warsaw: the Orthodox Church buildings and many places connected with formerly common Jewish culture. Visit the beach and ride on the Vistulan Boulevards ' the last wild river in the heart of the European metropolis. Your 18.5 mile (30km) bike ride is fairly easy, mostly on bicycle paths, and lasts around 4-5 hours.

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