Our Craft Beer Tour will see you winding through the best craft beer pubs with our beer loving guide. As the industry is being on a trendy path, more and more people are interested in knowing what the local breweries are famous for. You will not only taste the best selection of locally brewed beers but get to know a bit of history of the beer industry. Get ready!

Do you love craft beer as much as we do? The craft beer industry has exploded in Poland over the last few years and Warsaw alone boasts over 25 multi-tap bars
specialising in craft beer. Craft beers from microbreweries are becoming the first choice of people. That's why tasting some local craft beers is a must during your stay in Warsaw. Come taste smoky stouts, hops infused IPA's, dark porters, and other rich ales and lagers from all over Poland!
On our tour our local craft beer guru will guide you to four different craft beer bars to sample all sorts of different kinds of beers. English speaking guide will tell you the stories of Warsaw's brewing tradition. Then before we head off to a club with 3 dance floors all with different themed music! And your club entrance is free with VIP entry! Each bar boasts a wide selection of craft beer on tap as well as international beers always cold from the fridge!
So come tasting with us and experience five of the best craft beer pubs the city has to offer. Na zdrowie (Cheers) !!

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