It is time to leave the city and go to the woodland!

We have prepared a unique trip during which not only will you strengthen your body and mind, meet new people, but most importantly you will discover the beauty of the nature of the Kampinos National Park in Warsaw.

Our trip offers:

1. ' Picturesque routes surrounded by beautiful nature.

2. ' An interesting programme that includes visiting the most interesting corners of the park, nature reserves: Zabor'w Le'ny and Roztoka, and also the mass grave of insurgents of 1863 and the museum and cemetery in Palmiry.

3. ' A professional guide ' nature expert.

4. ' Refreshments on the trail.

5. ' Insurance and payments required for sightseeing the park.

6. ' Basic bike service.

We meet in Izabelin in front of the KPN Management on 38 Tetmajer street at 9 o'clock. Izabelin is the place when we're going to prepare for the trip. We're going there from the Center of Warsaw by means of public transport. In Izabelin we will visit the permanent exhibition, where the participants will familiarise with the geology and the world of the inanimate nature of the park. After that, we will go to the boundary of the park in Truskaw, which is 5km away, where we will begin our adventure. During the trip we will ride for around 25km and we will end in Truskaw around 4.30pm around'1.5h). We plan breaks during the trip and halfway through we plan the possibility for a return to the city for participants that may require it.

The route is easy and does not require any particular physical preparing. It mostly goes through dirt roads and only sometimes through a paved or asphalt road. Upon request, we may lengthen or shorten the duration of the trip.

Be sure to take for the trip:

1. '''''Appropriate clothes ' preferably bike clothes.

2. '''''A raincoat.

3. '''''Backpack or a pannier.

4. '''''A flashlight (a headlamp would be the best).

5. '''''Water in a plastic bottle (at least 1.5l).

6. '''''A camera or a smartphone to record the memories from the trip.

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