Get awed by the giant 19th century redbrick factories, Art Nouveau buildings, palatial mansions and a world famous film school. Explore the new symbol of Lodz, the Manufaktura, a huge factory converted into a cultural, commercial and social centre.

Discover how to become a millionaire being a bootblack and follow the traces of 19th'century factory owners. During'the tour you'visit 'Manufaktura - former factory which was renovated a few years ago. Nowadays this complex, located in the city centre, is a shopping mall. Think about the Industrial Revolution seeing genuine architecture of red brick buildings. One of the gate remains triumphal arch of old mill. Then have a walk along the longest European trading route ' Piotrkowska street. This pedestrian street is heart of the city, full of clubs, restaurants, bars and wide range of cultural sites. Admire old buildings, renovated factories and Lodz' speciality ' Rickshaws. At the end we invite you to White Factory (Bia'a Fabryka), which is home of Textile Museum (Muzeum W''kiennictwa). Museum gathers number of looms, old material and examples of the weaver's art.

If you prefer you can see Jewish cemetery, which is the largest in Europe. Do not miss spectacular Israel Poznanski mausoleum in Art-Nouveau style. Then visit Radegast Station (Stacja Radogoszcz) ' railway station where more than 140 000 people (mostly Jews) were deported to German concentration camps in Poland. Hear the stories about brave people who smuggling of food from the countryside to ghetto and escaped from forced labour camps in Germany.

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