It's such a beautiful day! Spend it outside the city!
Leave Warsaw for a while and take part in our trip. Let's take a deep breath of fresh air in Napiwodzko - Ramucka Forest.
During one day you will be able to 'touch' the history in historic places, relax at the lake listening to the silence and also discover mysteries of the Forest.

Our trip offers:

  • Picturesque routes surrounded'of the beautiful nature.
  • An interesting agenda involving sightseeing the most fascinating places in the forest for e.g. Reserves: Nadrowskie Swamp and the Sources of the River 'yna.
  • Sightseeing of the famous open-air museum of folk architecture in the ethnographic park in Olsztynek and the castle of the Teutonic Order in Nidzica.
  • A professional guide ' nature expert.
  • Lunch.
  • Insurance.
  • Basic bike service.
  • Bike rental.
  • Entrance fees.

We meet early in the morning at the train station, from which we go to Olsztynek by train or by bus. In Olsztynek we will start cycling. Our first spot is the famous museum of folk architecture'in the ethnographic park. Lunch time. Then we are going to the old forest and two nature reserves. Later we will travel to Nidzica. On this'spot we will go sightseeing the medieval castle. After that we will'go back to the Warsaw by train or bus.'

During the trip we will ride for around 50 km. Cycling and'sightseeing of the programme's points will take us the entire day. Of course, during our trip we plan breaks.

Be sure to take for the trip:

1. '''''Appropriate clothes.
2. '''''A raincoat.
3. '''''Backpack.
4. '''''A flashlight (a headlamp would be the best).
5. '''''Water in a plastic bottle (at least 1.5l)
6. '''''A camera or a smartphone to record the memories from the trip

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