Embark on a communism tour by old militia van with a local English-speaking guide. Learn about Poland's socialist history as you tour around Warsaw in a Nysa 522, an original Communist-era van. Explore the famous communist sites in Warsaw, including Constitution Square and the Ministry of Agriculture. Visit the heart of socialism at the old seat of the Central Committee of the Polish United Worker's Party. Discover the insides of the Palace of Culture and Science. Experience what it was like to live in Poland during the Communist era by visiting the Communism Times Museum.

You will go to Constitution Square, discover the Utopian plans of the Ministry of Agriculture, see the propaganda at the Palace of Culture and Science (PKiN), and learn about the unknown secrets of the former headquarters of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers' Party (i.e. the Party House). You will be taken to the Museum of Life under Communism ('Charm of the PRL' Museum) where, to the sound of old vinyl playing, you will go back in time to understand the reality of the communist regime. You will have a chance to watch some propaganda films while enjoying a traditional drink and snack.
Groups are small, max 7 people. Guides are flexible and open for discussion, sharing our local point of view. The easy-going feel of the tour will help you experience the atmosphere of the city and understand the local culture and mentality.

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