Become charmed by one of the oldest cities in Poland. Torun is an outstanding example of medieval Gothic town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Get to know about famous Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, who lived there. Move back to medieval ages and remember to taste the best gingerbread in the world.

Begin your city tour in the hearth of Torun ' Rynek (Main Square). In the middle of the square you will find a Gothic town hall, which houses town museum. Inside you may see rich collection of sculptures, paintings and stained glass. We strongly recommend you to climb the tower (supplement) to admire gorgeous panorama of Torun and the Vistula river. In front of the entrance there is a bronze statue of Miko'aj Kopernik (Nicolaus Copernicus). Around the Rynek have a look at mansions of the Hansa merchants like Pod Gwiazd' or Dw'r Artusa. Most of them are richly decorated and well preserved.

Just next to the Main Square you will visit the Holy Spirit's Church and Saint Mary's Church. The second one comes from 14th century and was founded by Franciscans. You will be charmed by genuine organ from the beginning of 16th century, medieval tombstones and colourful stained glass.

Afterwards you may admire the magnificent Saint John's Cathedral. Some of the oldest elements of this enormous building date from the 13th century. Through the years this church was a religious centre for local community and was a witness of an important christian ceremonies ' Miko'aj Kopernik was baptized here. Visiting the cathedral listen to the history of 'Tuba Dei' ' the biggest medieval bell in Poland from 1500.

Passing defensive walls and several towers like Sailor's Gate or Bridge Gate you will reach ruins of the Teutonic Knights' castle ' the headquarters of the Commander on the right Vistula bank.

In the newer part of historical Torun ' Nowe Miasto you will see representative commercial residence like pharmacy with a golden lion, 'Pod Modrym Fartuchem' inn. Another historical object is former church of the Holy Trinity (now functioned as a gallery) and Saint James's Church.

Also our tour includes visit in one of the following places:

' Live Gingerbread Museum ' watching and tasting is not enough ' you'll participate in the process of making the aromatic dough in a fully functional 16th century gingerbread factory! It is the only museum dedicated to gingerbread in Europe.

' The Nicholas Copernicus House ' the great Polish astronomer, who formulated a heliocentric model of the universe.

' Planetarium ' located in former industrial building from 19th century and presents popular astronomical shows.

' Ethnographic Museum'''where you can see how the Polish wooden architecture and even bread stoves from 18th, 19th and 20th century looked like.

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