Feel the weight of history in Treblinka, the site of two Nazi camps: the Extermination Camp and the Penal Labour Camp, covering jointly an area of 34 ha. This is the closest Nazi camp to Warsaw, only 1-hour drive from the city.

During the tour in Treblinka you will:

' Visit the museum with exposition presenting organisation of the camp and its miniature.

' Walk among the ruins of the Penal Labour Camp'and get in the shoes of about 20,000 inmates held here between 1941 and 1944.

' Feel the desperate courage of the 840 prisoners of the Extermination Camp who dared rebel against their fates in August 1943 and mourn their heavy losses. Find out more about mass deportation of Jews from Warsaw during Grossaktion Warsaw.

While Auschwitz is precisely reconstructed and resides in a cultural landscape with historic traditions, Treblinka is in a remote site, which lacks big cities nearby, only fields and woods.

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