Are you on the look out for tours and departures? Warsaw is the perfect place that will offer you the thrilling experience you never imagined. Favourably, the forthcoming season is one of the greatest times to visit Warsaw, as it will be less jammed and you will get to taste every bit of the optimum enjoyment Warsaw has to offer.

The 3 hours walking tour

To get the best walking tour around Warsaw, you must have a visit to:

- The Old Town: This constitutes the castle Square, Sigismund's Column, Royal Castle, Cathedral of St. John, Main Market Square, Warsaw Barbicane, viewing terrace, and Warsaw Mermaid monument that offers a priceless experience as you will get fascinating snapshot of this lovely places.

- The Pilsudski Square: Is a place where significant celebration do take place. With this square, you will also get to know the Tomb of unknown soldiers.

- Krasi'skich Square: Hear is the place where you get to hear of amazing stories of the Warsaw uprising.

- Krakowskie Przedmie'cie Street: AB Poland Travel gives you the opportunity to see the Presidential Palace, the university, St cross church where the heart of Frederic Chopin is still respiring. All for you in Warsaw.

The 5 hours walking tour

After the 3 hours of walking through those routes, you then proceed to Grzybowski Square which was the former heart of Jewish culture in Warsaw. Also you will be privilege to hear the history of Polish Jews, and other engaging stories about the highest building in Warsaw which is a Stalin's gift to the people of' Poland. Viewing from the terrace 30th floor, you get an eye sight of Warsaw as a whole. The tour will be rounded up by visiting a very unique place where you can get the last factual piece of ghetto wall.

The 7 hours walking tour

This route allows you to visit historic Lazienki Royal Park after your visit to the 3 hours and 5 hours route. From here, you get to view the beautiful royal gardens which have been existing since the 18th century at Frederic Chopin's monument, Palace on the Isle, Old Orangery and Amphitheatre among others. After visiting this adorable gardens, then you can have your lunch and a break from the long walk.

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