Do you have a layover between your flights in Warsaw? It's a good idea to get to know the city, it's history and local cuisine with our professional guide and extraordinary car from Communist era.

You will be picked up and dropped off at Warsaw Chopin Airport. Since this is a private tour your guide will set up itinerary up to your needs. It can be classic city - like Warsaw Old Town. You can go deeper into the history and explore WWII, Communism and Praga district.

  • Discover a diverse city that has a lot to offer ' both historically and from today's perspective
  • Visit places of tourist interest
  • Hear the news, gossip and stories about modern Warsaw
  • Check out places that are not reachable on 'regular' tours
  • Have a genuine Polish lunch / dinner / zak'ski (tapas). (Optional /'not inclusive)
  • Witness a city that's having the best moment in its long history

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