You've already visited the top tourist attractions in Warsaw? Tired of traditional form of touring? Hop on board the well-known Fiat 126p a.k.a Toddler and take a self-drive tour to not-so-well-known spots of Warsaw! Guides will show you some of most interesting attractions which are not present in a typical Warsaw tour.

You start the tour by the Palace of Culture and Science, one of the best known landmarks of Warsaw, where you quickly learn how to drive a Fiat 126p. Then, well prepared you set off for your first stop, tightly connected with the Palace. You drive to a neighbourhood of constructors of the Palace of Culture and Science with its wooden housing. Here you find out, how the life of those mighty workers looked like what was it to be a Soviet constructor. You will also find out what this place is used for now. Afterwards, you drive to a completely different world in Old Bielany district. This picturesque inter war era housing district with its gas lanterns (last ones in the city) has some of the most beautiful examples of modernist architecture. From Bielany you travel even more in time. You travel to the times when Warsaw was under Russian tzars' control. Here, just by the city center, you have a chance to drive by an authentic 19th c. fortification - The Warsaw Citadel. Throughout the tour you are entertained by the guide with stories connected with the places you drive around.

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