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Warsaw Palace Of Culture And Science Tour

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Explore one of the Polish capital's most iconic landmarks on this Palace of Culture and Science tour in Warsaw. Choose the route to suit your preferences, and delve into this spectacular building's rich Soviet-era history. Perhaps explore down in the basement ' where the control room can be found ' or head up to the VIP suites of the Congress Hall. Upgrade your tour for sweeping views over bustling Warsaw from the Palace of Culture and Science's observation deck on the 30th floor.

Meet your guide outside Warsaw's iconic Palace of Culture and Science ' built in 1955 by Soviet architect Lev Rudnev in the Stalinist style of the day ' then step inside. During your tour, choose the route though the building to suit your preferences.

Underground Palace

Visit the basement ' home to the impressive Soviet-era control room.

Palace Complex

Explore the building's grand hallways and suites, including the VIP lounges of the Congress Hall.

Basement-to-roof Tour

For the most comprehensive tour, take in everything from the underground hallways to the 30th floor and admire spectacular city views from the observation deck on the 30th floor

Along the way, gain insight into the diverse companies, public institutions sports clubs and universities ' such as Collegium Civitas and the
Polish Academy of Sciences ' based in the Palace of Culture and Science today.

When your time in the Palace of Culture and Science is at an end, head outside to conclude your tour.

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