If you are in Warsaw for the first time, we do recommend the full historical tour that takes 3 hours. That track covers Old Town area, part of city center, also there are some parks on the way for you to'explore. All that with the narration of one of our instructors who are born and raised here, so you will be provided with the decent amount of knowledge about each location and stop.The track will'give you a great overview of how the city used to look like back in the day, and how it presents itself now. We can deliver you a solid dose of fun and information in the same time. Our capital city has a very interesting history and a lot of unbelievable events took place here, such as the Warsaw Uprising or the Uprising in The Jewish ghetto. The whole place is filled with marvellous monuments, sculptures, and paintings, which are the memorial of the past. All that while moving completely effortless.'During those 3 hours we will be able to cover a distance'equivalent to whole day of walking.

The starting location is on Brzozowa 14/4 street in our office by the Old Towns market place. There is a 10-15 Min training time'(off the time of the actual tour)''for you to feel confident on the machines (Segway PT).
Your (group+instructor) head out to the Castle square through the Old Town area.
From there, following the kings route (most representative street in Warsaw Krakowskie Przedmie'cie) to the tomb of unknown soldier with a possibility to catch a glimpse of the Palace of Culture and Science and 2 main streets 'wi'tokrzyska, Marsza'kowska), then there is the'1st park on the way The Saxon Garden with a beautiful fountain, and plenty of space to ride around. Next stop is the National Theater then Bank square/Bank Reduta'from there straight to the museum of Polish Jews (POLIN). During the further part of the tour you will be shown the Krasi'ski family park and palace, The superior courthouse, and the monument of Warsaw uprising. From that point you will reach the New Town (Part of Old town after crossing the barbican) Where Mary Curie was born and where she was working. In the end there is a fountain park, which is a very popular spot among locals, and finally The back of the Royal castle which is majestic and spectacular. Up from that point we are basically back at the office where You are served'beverage of your choice either tea/coffee or something cold and refreshing. After the whole experience we will gladly call the taxi for you or just write down streets or places worth visiting during your stay in our capital city.

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