Join the expedition in the footsteps of World War II and visit the remains of the former Hitler Headquarter called the Wolf's Lair. Here Hitler undertook many important decisions and also failed attempt on his life in July 1944 took place. After exploring we invite you to visit the famous Polish sanctuary in Swieta Lipka.

During the tour you visit the remains of Adolf Hitler Headquarter where he lived between June 1940 till November 1944. There is a huge complex of 250 ha which consists of barracks, shelters and bunkers equipped in its own power and water supplies. Guide will tell you about everyday life in the Lair as well as about many crucial decisions which were taken here e.g. about creation of concentration camps. Retreating German troops blew up the whole complex, however it is preserved in good condition. Especially some of the bunkers inhabited by German dignitaries no. Goering bunker.

Also you can admire one of the most outstanding baroque sanctuaries in Swieta Lipka, which consists of church, cloisters and the monastery. Inside survived almost unchanged sculpture ornamentation and wall paintings. The complex is picturesque located at the bottom of valley surrounded by forests.

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