Explore the fascinating history of the Second World War accompanied by a passionate local specialist with a comfortable car. See the places pictured in the 'Pianist' movie by Roman Polanski, touch the bullet holes in the walls that have survived the war apocalypse, learn the heroic stories of the insurgency in the Jewish Ghetto and the brave '44 Uprising against the Nazi Germans. Learn about the everyday life of people in Warsaw during the five years of Nazi occupation and imagine how the city rose up after it was almost annihilated.

This tour gives you much more than regular city tours. You step into the world of fascinating history, you learn the spirit of the city.

What can you expect?

Starting with the former Ghetto area, explore the places related to the heroic fight of Mordechai Anielewicz's troops. Follow the martyrdom path in the district of Muran'w. Stop at the Umschlagplatz, the place from which Nazi Germans deported 300,000 Jewish inhabitants to camps. Let your guide show you the very few houses that remained after the' central part of the town was destroyed by the Nazis.

Stroll along the reconstructed streets of the Old Town and picture the uprising in 1944 where the only inhabitants had to use the sewers to avoid bombing attacks.

See the churches that once served as strongholds for the resistance. Imagine that everything around you in this vivid 2-million European city was rebuilt from rubble some 70 years ago!

As a conclusion, discover the Uprising Museum, one of the most unique institutions of that kind where an impressive exhibition based on recordings, films, interviews and even original war planes hanging from the roof gives you the real opportunity to travel in time.

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